Adult Lessons

Adult lessons are available throughout the week on a regular or ad hoc basis.  Improve your technique with one to one coaching and gain confidence in your shots or come to a group lesson which will enable you to work on tactical play with a doubles focus.  There are also options for one day workshops, internal matchplay with point by point coach analysis and you can also represent S.C. Tennis as part of the Surrey Midweek Womens League. 

Junior Lessons

Private and group lessons for juniors, group lessons have a doubles focus from a young age, getting them comfortable at the net and working on their all round game.
Private lessons will give juniors the technique they need to play a competent games as an adult in later life.

Women and girls only

Join a women’s or girls only group to play as part of the regular S.C.Tennis programme. Single sex groups encourage players to stay in the game for longer and from friendships that will last a lifetime. The added benefit of having a female coach makes for a winning combination!